California Lottery 2nd Chance

Most California lottery players wondering what types of lotto games there are in California eventually end up buying either Scratchers or draw game tickets. Once the scratch-off ticket is revealed, however, the players who have not won usually toss their non-winning tickets in the trash. But players who have lost should not throw away their tickets as they may have more chances to win. Through the California 2nd Chance mass lottery games, lottery scratch ticket holders have a second chance to win cash prizes by submitting their codes through the CA Lottery website. To find out more about the 2nd Chance rules, and the types of lottery scratch games eligible for second chance winnings, read the information outlined below:

  •     Types of games eligible for 2nd Chance
  •     Procedure for 2nd Chance games
  •     2nd Chance claim process and rules

Types of California Lottery Games Eligible for 2nd Chance

All California Lottery Scratchers are eligible for a 2nd Chance play using the code on the back of the scratch ticket. Additionally, all SuperLotto Plus and Fantasy 5 tickets are eligible for 2nd Chance play with certain restrictions on when players can enter and how much they can win. SuperLotto Plus players have a second chance at $15,000 with a losing SuperLotto Plus ticket. Fantasy 5 players can get a 2nd Chance at $10,000, so long as they purchase a t least five plays on their original Fantasy 5 ticket.

How to Play 2nd Chance Games

To play the 2nd Chance lottery games, players must first purchase an eligible scratch-off lotto game in California. Other eligible games include the Fantasy 5 and SuperLotto Plus. Currently, there are no 2nd Chance offers for California Lottery draw games. In the event that your California lottery scratcher does not have winning entries, players can participate in the 2nd Chance competition by locating the codes printed on the back of the Scratcher ticket. Once you have located the code, visit the California Lottery website to submit your codes for the 2nd Chance drawing. After submitting your codes, they will be placed either in a program-specific weekly pool draw or a promotional draw. The winners of all 2nd Chance drawings are announced regularly on the California Lottery website.

California Lottery 2nd Chance Rules and Procedures

The California Lottery sets certain rules and regulations for 2nd Chance submissions and winner claims. Participants in the game are not allowed to submit more than 500 2nd Chance submission codes per month. Also, participants are only allowed to win once per 2nd Chance drawing.

To claim a prize once you are notified that you have won a 2nd Chance drawing, visit the California Lottery website and download a Lottery Claim form. Print, complete and sign the form, then mail it to the following address:

California Lottery
Attn: 2nd Chance Promotion
P.O. Box 1317
Sacramento, CA 95812-1317

Winners are announced online on the California Lottery website. Players can keep track of all their second chance entries by creating an account on the California Lottery website and entering their 2nd Chance submission codes through their member pages.