5 Signs You Need to Go to Rehab

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For many Americans who struggle with drug and alcohol use, it can be difficult to know when casual usage has gone too far and addiction help is needed. Out of the 22.7 million individuals in the U.S. in need of treatment for drug or alcohol abuse, less than 1% ever step into rehab. Many addicts think they simply aren’t in need of treatment, while others believe they can recover without the help of rehab. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to know how much help you really need until it’s too late. If you are struggling with a drug and/or alcohol habit and aren’t sure if you are in need of addiction help, review the following 5 signs that indicate it may be time to check into rehab.

  1. Your loved ones have asked you to stop drinking or using drugs. Often times our family and friends are the voices of reason that we try to avoid the most. Close friends and family members who know you well can usually recognize the early signs of a drug/alcohol problem. Even while you may remain in denial that you need any addiction help, your family and friends may begin dropping hints that a problem is developing. While they may not host intervention or force you to enter rehab, chances are that those closest to you have begun to voice their concern over a new or reoccurring addiction. If family and friends have mentioned that you aren’t behaving like yourself, that they are worried about you or they have completely ended contact with you due to your use of drugs or alcohol, then it may be time to seek out addiction help.
  2. Your addiction has begun to affect your health. One of the fastest tell-tale signs you are in need of addiction help is changes in your physical health. Your body is meant to run like a machine, and excessive drug or alcohol use can quickly cause that machine to malfunction, or even worse, come to a complete halt. Individuals who are addicted to opiates my find themselves having difficulty breathing. Overuse of stimulants can cause both psychosis and cardiovascular failure, while injecting drugs with needles greatly increases your odds of contracting life threatening diseases like HIV. These are just a few examples of the significant damage that can be done to your well-being. Drug-related health issues often manifest in small ways, such as intense acne or skin damage, hair loss, dental damage, increasingly bad breath, or blurred vision. If you are noticing da general decrease in your overall health due to excessive drug use, it may be time to check into rehab.
  3. Your drug or alcohol abuse is effecting your work. If drug or alcohol abuse has become such an integral part of your life that you are arriving to work under the influence or not going to work at all, then it is time to seek addiction help. Being unable to perform your work-related tasks not only puts you in jeopardy of losing your job, but depending on your form of employment, it may actually put the safety of others in danger as well. Additionally, if you have noticed that your ability to work being compromised, chances are your employer has noticed as well. Your best option may be to find a good rehab center and begin your treatment before you damage your career reputation.
  4. You have harmed yourself or others while drinking or using drugs. Drug and alcohol abuse can often bring out a person’s dark side. Without addiction help, mood swings can quickly get out of hand and result in emotional, verbal, or physical abuse to those around you or even to yourself. While you may believe you would never harm those you love, it may be difficult to control sudden impulses while under the influence. Many individuals struggling with addiction also find themselves having suicidal thoughts. By checking into rehab, you will help keep you and those around you safe.
  5. No matter how hard you try, you are unable to quit. While many addicts fool themselves into believing they can recover without addiction help, the battle is not so easy to fight alone. If you have tried to get clean over and over again but find yourself repeatedly falling into addiction, then it is time to seek out help. Rehab centers can provide you with the tools and support you need to give up drugs and alcohol once and for all.

If you find that you can relate to one or more of these five signs you, then we strongly suggest visiting a rehab center to discuss your problems. Often times their trained staff will be able to help you assess how much addiction help you really need, and whether or not it is necessary to check into rehab. Remember, it’s best to get addiction help as early as possible.