Draw Games

The state of California has different types of lottery tickets and names of lottery games. You can participate in mass lottery games or lottery games online. If you want to know what types of lotto games there are in California, then read on. First up are the California lottery drawing games. 

California Lottery Drawing Games

Unlike Scratchers, California lottery drawing games require players to buy lottery tickets in advance of the scheduled drawing that reveals the winning numbers. Depending on the scope of the game (i.e. state-only or national) drawings occur either in-state or at a separate location somewhere else in the country (as is the case with Powerball, which has its drawing at the Florida lottery headquarters in Tallahassee). Lottery drawings occur either daily or weekly depending on the game rules. For more information on the types of drawing games available in California, read the sections below:

CA Daily 3/Daily 4

In the California Daily 3 and Daily 4 lottery drawing games, players must choose either three or four digits respective to the type of game they are playing. Players can choose the number themselves or use the auto pick option to have number generated for them at random. Daily 3 drawings occur twice a day, while Daily 4 drawings occur only  once a day.

California Daily Derby

Designed to resemble a horse race, the CA Daily Derby lottery game requires players to choose a horse and a race start time, with the race start time entered as a three-digit number. Daily Derby drawings occur daily in the afternoon.

CA Fantasy 5

The Fantasy 5 California lottery game follows the rules of the Daily 3 and Daily 4 game in that players much choose five numbers (between one and 39) and match them to the numbers drawn for Fantasy 5 each day in the afternoon. Jackpots for Fantasy 5 start at $75,000

California SuperLotto Plus and Mega Millions

Similar in every aspect but scope, the California SuperLotto Plus (state-only) and Mega Millions (national) lottery games are known for rewarding large lottery payouts to winners. Players must choose five numbers from a set of 47 balls along with a Mega Number from a set of 27 balls. Both SuperLotto Plus and Mega Millions drawings occur twice a week, SuperLotto Plus in California and Mega Millions in Atlanta.

California Powerball

One of the most popular mass lottery games in California is Powerball, a national lottery game played in 44 states and a number of other U.S. territories. Powerball players pick five balls from a set of 69 balls and one Powerball from a set of 36 balls. Powerball drawings occur twice a week in the state of Florida.

CA Hot Spot

Hot Spot is played a bit differently than other lottery games in California. Players must pick a number (or numbers, depending on how many spots the player purchased) between one and 80. Then 20 winning numbers are drawn at random. Players with one of the winning numbers get a portion of the jackpot pool proportional to the total number of people who won. Players who choose the designated bulls-eye number correctly will receive a larger lottery prize. Hot Spot lottery drawings occur every four minutes from six A.M. to two A.M.