Bargain Hunting Online: 7 Secrets to Huge Savings

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Today shopping online is one of the fastest ways to find exactly what you’re looking for at a competitive price. Each day, millions of people around the world make online purchases from competitive ecommerce sites. But with so many options on the web, how can you be sure that you are receiving the most value for your money? Where are the best deals hiding? We’ve put together this short list of tricks to help ensure you encounter the best bargains online.

  1. Free Samples. One of the best-kept secrets on the web is just how easy it is to receive free samples. Many companies are more than happy to provide loyal customers with free samples in exchange for a review, or the possibility that you will share your experience with friends and family. The best way to receive free samples is to ask your favorite brands if they have free samples available for distribution. It’s that simple. Here is a list of some well-known brands that have been known to offer free samples upon request: 7 Up, 8 O’clock Coffee, 9 Lives, Ah!Laksa Syrup, Angel Soft Bath Tissue, Apple & Eve, Arm & Hammer, Armour-Eckrich, Arnold Bread, Balmex, Banquet, Bar-S, Barbara’s Bakery, Barber Foods, Better Oats, Bic, Birds Eye, Blue Diamond, Boboli, Bolthouse Farms, Breyer’s Yo Crunch, Bush Brothers, Campbell’s, Campbell’s Soup, Carnation Instant Breakfast.
  2. Do Your Food Shopping Online. Many supermarket brands offer free grocery delivery once your online shopping cart reaches a certain amount, which is typically lower than what you would spend on a regular trip to the supermarket. However, what really makes online food shopping worth it is the way you organize your search results. Oftentimes supermarkets organize their shelves in a way that draws your eyes to the more expensive options, resulting in shoppers spending more money than they need to. By simply clicking on the “organize by price” option, you can easily see which products offer the lowest prices, saving you money at check out. Online food shopping also features special coupons and free samples that you may not find in stores.
  3. Do a Quick Survey. Businesses spend a good deal of money trying to gain insight on those who buy their products. Typically, it is much more affordable for a brand to offer coupons and free samples than to pay for an entire focus group to take place. Once you have filled out a short survey you will usually be given points that can easily be exchanged for some of your favorite products or free samples.
  4. Visit a Freebie Site. Did you know there are entire websites dedicated to finding the best free samples and complimentary products online? Some of the free sample sites will require you to perform an action before sending you product samples, such as filling out a survey or recommending a certain number of friends. However, some websites will send you a free sample simply as a thank you for being a loyal customer. Some the most notable free sample sites include: BzzAgent, Freeflys, GoFreebies, and Just Free Stuff.
  5. Download a Discount Code App. Do you ever find yourself at the checkout counter wishing you knew the perfect discount code to reduce your final cost? Well, there are apps and extensions that will find discounts for you. Apps and extensions like Honey, Coupon Follow and Invisible Hand will send you discount codes, find available coupons and alert you when another website has the same product at a cheaper price. You can even find codes that will give you extra gifts and free samples with your purchase!
  6. Leave Items in Your Shopping Cart. Businesses try to avoid having customers with abandoned shopping carts. Somewhere between 60-80% of shoppers that visit a site will abandon their shopping cart after becoming distracted by something else. That equals a lot of missed opportunities for business owners. To give shoppers a nudge towards purchase, many businesses will email a discount offer for the product that was left in the checkout cart for a few days.
  7. Always Shop on the Right Day. Much like shopping for discount flights online, many online product prices will fluctuate depending on the day. Save your online shopping for Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, which is when most online stores roll out discounts and special deals. If you are looking to purchase electronics like a laptop or desktop computer, coupons for these items tend to be released on Tuesdays. Avid readers may want to do their book shopping on Saturdays, which is when sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble tend to have the most books on sale.