How to Make a Winning CA Lottery Claim

California lottery winners wondering how to claim a lottery prize can do so by visiting the appropriate lottery claim center and submitting your lottery ticket information. Procedures for processing a winning lottery ticket claim vary depending on the type of lottery game you have played. Each game has its own rules as far as claims are concerned, in addition to limits on the amount of time you can wait before submitting a lotto claim form. Keep in mind that the winning lottery ticket claim process can take anywhere from six to eight weeks to complete. To claim lottery winnings in California, read the sections outlined below:

  • How to claim lottery prizes
  • Where to claim lottery prizes
  • Lottery claim time limits
  • Advice for lottery claims

How can I claim a CA lottery prize?

The procedures for submitting a California lotto claim form vary depending on the lottery game you have won as well as how much you have won. Participants in games such as Powerball and Daily 3 can claim their prizes using one of two methods: in person or by mail. To claim lottery winnings in person, visit a local California lottery claim center with your winning lottery ticket and present it to the clerk. Once your ticket is verified, you will be given your cash award.

To submit a lotto claim form by mail, download and complete a lotto claim form from the California lottery website. Submit the form and your winning ticket to the Sacramento office of the California Lottery Commission. All tickets must be received within 180 days of the winning draw date. In the case of scratch-off cards (i.e. Scratchers), winning tickets must be claimed within 180 days of the last day the game was played. A winning lottery ticket not claimed within this time period will be considered voided.

In addition to the options for claiming prizes from a winning ticket in any California lottery game, there are also other relevant procedures for specific games. For example, the Fantasy 5 lottery game awards certain players with a free Fantasy 5 ticket to play again. To claim this free ticket, take your winning ticket to a lottery claim center and the clerk will hand you a free Fantasy 5 ticket.

Certain lottery games such as Play at the Pump offer different options for claiming rewards. With Play at the Pump, prizes under $600 are deposited directly back into the account linked to the debit or credit card used to purchase the lottery ticket. Play at the Pump participants who have won $600 or more must visit a local lottery claim center with both the winning ticket and the debit or credit card used to purchase the lottery ticket. Your rewards will be deposited directly into the account linked to that credit/debit card.

Where do you claim a California lottery ticket?

Once you have completed your lotto claim form, you must submit it to a local lotto claim center. California lotto winners can also send their lotto claim form through the mail. California lottery participants must follow all procedures and rules for claiming lottery prizes outlined by the lottery commission in order to receive their prize.

What is the time limit for claiming CA lotto prizes?

All California lottery games allow participants to claim lottery winnings up to 180 days after the end of the lottery game they have won. For draw games, this date is the day that your winning ticket number was drawn. For Scratchers, this date is the day that particular Scratcher game ended.

California Lottery Claim Advice

Prior to redeeming your winning California lottery ticket, take some time to assess the situation and figure out how you will proceed with the lottery claim process. As you plan, consider the following pieces of advice regarding claiming your lottery ticket winnings:

  • Always sign the lottery ticket prior to submitting it to a
  • Decide before you reach the whether you want a lump-sum payment or an annuity. With lump-sum payments, you receive all of your lottery ticket winnings at once. With annuity, you will receive your lottery ticket winnings gradually with a monthly or weekly payment deposited to your account for a set number of years.
  • Hire legal representation to help you through the claim process if necessary. Depending on the amount of your prize, you may also want to hire a financial planner.