California Lotto Results

Playing the California lottery can lead to extensive rewards for participants who choose the winning lotto numbers. However, before you can figure out whether or not you won one of the many California draw games, you have to first find out the lotto results. The lottery winning numbers are drawn and announced on television, with the numbers and any claimed lottery winners subsequently posted on various lottery websites. The number of times a day or week that new lotto numbers are announced depends on the game. To learn more about how to get California lotto jackpot numbers results, read the information outlined below:

  • Daily lottery games
  • Weekly lottery games
  • Scratch lottery tickets

Daily California Lottery Games

Daily California mass lottery results numbers games offer participants the chance to win cash prizes every day, with some even winning multiple times a day. With numerous draws per week, more lottery participants win more prizes, though the dollar amount of the prizes received in daily draw games tends to be smaller than prizes received in weekly draw games. The following games are offered in California with varying daily drawing times:

Daily 3/Daily 4

Daily 3 and Daily 4 offer participants in California the opportunity to choose their own three-digit or four-digit number or receive a random number from a computer generator. Daily 3 currently has two drawings each day that are televised throughout the state at 1:29 pm and 6:59 pm. However, Daily 4 only has one drawing per day.

Daily Derby

California’s mock horse race lottery game allows players to choose three horses and a race time for their draw. Results are determined by both the horses picked and the three-digit race time. Any derby-enthusiast wondering “what was the lotto numbers on Daily Derby?” can find out twice a day, as Daily Derby draws are televised at 6:35 pm and 6:59 pm each afternoon.

Fantasy 5

Much like the Daily 3 and Daily 4, the Fantasy 5 is another one of California’s straightforward number-picking lottery games. Participants choose five numbers between 1 and 39 with the hopes of numerous cash prizes. Drawings for Fantasy 5 are conducted each day at 6:35 pm and 6:59 pm.

Hot Spot

Hot Spot relies on keno style lottery rules to award winners who correctly pick from a pool of participants and numbers between one and 80. Participants wondering where to find winning lotto numbers Hot Spot results can do so frequently, as a drawing occurs every four minutes each day from six a.m. to two a.m.

Weekly California Lottery Games

California lottery participants who are looking for games with larger prizes can try their hand at the weekly draw lottery games offered in the state. With weekly draws, there are less chances per week to win, and therefore more people playing by time draws do occur. However, the average dollar amount of the prizes received in weekly draw lottery games is much higher. To learn more about where to find all lotto winning numbers for weekly draw games, read the sections below:

Mega Millions

Mega Millions is a national lottery game enjoyed by many players in California as well as most states throughout the country. Mega Millions players can find out the winning lottery numbers by watching the drawings each Tuesday and Friday at 11 p.m. EST. from television studios located in Atlanta, Georgia.

SuperLotto Plus

Similar to Mega Millions, the California SuperLotto Plus allows players to select five numbers from a 47-ball set. The drawing occurs when one ball is selected from a 27-ball set. Drawings for SuperLotto Plus occur and are televised twice a week, each Wednesday and Saturday.


Powerball allows players to choose five numbers from a 69-ball pool and one number from a 26-ball Powerball pool to potentially earn big winnings. Powerball results are announced every Wednesday and Saturday at 10:59 p.m. EST. Drawings occur in Tallahassee, Florida, where the Florida Lottery headquarters are located.

Scratch Lottery Tickets

In California, lottery instant scratch card games are also known as “Scratchers.” Due to the fact that Scratchers are not draw games that accumulate revenue between drawings, the dollar amount of the prizes received through Scratchers are less than the cash prizes received through draw games. However, players can purchase Scratchers whenever they want. Prices for Scratchers range from one dollar to $20. Winning players must claim their reward within 180 days of purchasing the Scratcher or the Scratcher is considered void.